The Most Recommended Chinese Woks for Restaurants

Chinese Woks are relevant for any Chinese Restaurant

In simple terms, a wok refers to portable round- bottomed cooking equipment that was first made in China. Woks are commonly used in China, especially south China. The equipment gained later gained popularity in various parts of Asia, and is slowly becoming a popular cookware around the world. However, modern designs are not necessarily round bottomed.

Because of their increased use, they are currently sold in many parts of the world. They are a fundamental equipment for Chinese equipment and are also appropriate for Asian restaurants. In Australia, Chinese woks are commonly sold by Atlantic Equipment. It is very reputable in selling of high quality products so when it comes to the right chinese wok, this is one of the best places to buy.

At Atlantic Equipment, you can get different types of Chinese woks. Also, they have lucrative discounts and efficient customer service on goods bought. Here are some of the best Chinese woks you can find there, at reasonable prices.

1. WW1 L stainless steel waterless LPG Gas single wok

This wok weighs 75kg and its dimensions are 60×89×126 (W× D ×H cm). Some of its features are:

  • It has an air gap cooling system that enables the top to be always clean, cool and uninhibited by buckling. Due to this aspect, it has a significant saving on water.
  • This Wok has duck bill burners and chimney burners are also available according to preference.
  • It has a good filter system that prevents solids from getting to the drains.

2. LKK-1B Waterless Single Burner Wok 18 Jet Duckbill Burner

This is a stainless steel exterior work that weighs 65kg and has dimensions of 60 x 84 x 126(W x D x H cm).

  • The wok has a high splash back and a swivel laundry arm.
  • It has a valve control at the front, using a knee push or hand turn.

3. LKK-1BC Waterless Single Burner Wok 24 Jet Chimney Burner

This is a modern design wok that weighs 65kg with dimensions of 60 x 84 x 126(W x D x H cm). Here are some features:

  • Efficient iron wok rings that prevent leakage.
  • The drip tray and front gutter are removable to enable easier cleaning.
  • Front control panel adjustable by knee push or hand turn.

4. WW-2N Stainless Steel Waterless Nature Gas Double Wok

This is a stainless-steel double wok that weighs 128kg with dimensions 120 x 89 x 126(W x D x H cm).

  • Air gap design cooling system.
  • Efficient filter system that prevents solids from getting to the drains.
  • Separable legs, backs and shelf for easier movement.

You can also find many other top quality Chinese woks to meet your cooking needs on the website.

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