Digital Transformation Trends in Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality is one such profession where you need to be proficient with different traits and skills which collectively make you apt for the hospitality world. Right from cooking lip-smacking food to having the perfect knowledge about a series of commercial kitchen equipment, everything is necessary to be done with utmost dedication. Among all such factors, hospitality students are fortunate enough to experience traveling along with their hospitality courses. And this one major factor makes it more entertaining and striking experience.

Now when the hospitality experts got to know about the fact that hospitality and tourism somehow go hand in hand, they came up with some improvisation to let people have a better experience of the same.

To make it better than ever before, some digital transformations have been made to this profession which is actually helping people out in figuring out the sole purpose of this stream. As digitalization has left a great impact on our lives, with this, hospitality and tourism stream can be seen influenced by the involvement of different digital transformations.

  1. Smartphone involvement – Those introverts who love to explore new places and get to know about different experiences can do a lot with the help of mobile integration. This has somehow made it easier for the customers to book hotels, order their preferred food before visiting the place. In fact, now, one can easily plan the whole itinerary for the tour, all with the use of some savvy mobile apps which serve you more than asked or expected.

  1. AI and chatbots – There are times when visiting a new place, hotels or restaurant becomes a bit embarrassing when you do not know much about their guest handling criteria. Right from that welcome ritual to food ordering process, everything is different at every new place. But to get rid of such awkward circumstances, now almost every hotel offers a detailed information about their working & guest handling process which makes it easier for you to make yourself familiar with the place before visiting it. For instance- a renowned hotel chain like Marriot uses AI-powered chatbots which help to be updated with the hotel reservation, food orders & constant assistance from the hotel staff members.

  1. IOT involvement – When it comes to hotel booking or any other hotel management affair, all the apps are perfectly connected to ‘Internet of Things’ to bring a proficiency in the work criteria. At present, it has become one of the major sources of attaining knowledge or basic information of each and every customer. And else than anything, this method has been considered as one of the highly preferred and successful media of being associated with the guests.

The final word-

Giving your hospitality world & profession a hike, there are different mediums and digital transformations are one of the highly preferred among all. With this, all you need is to be proficient enough to use it, only then you can avail the true meaning of being associated with technology.