Top Chef’s of Australia

With the evolution of the human race, the food-industry has unfolded dramatically to become one of the most profitable businesses in our society.  In earlier days, engineers and doctors were considered the go-to professions, but nowadays, this mindset of parents and students have changed, with chef becoming a rewarding career, monetarily, and also comes with several perks.

Being a chef is not that easy, you need to prepare dishes which can strike a chord with the taste buds of their prospective eaters. Right from garnishing the food to handling commercial cook tops, a chef has to look everything. Add to that, you need to come up something new every time, while in most cases you to need to maintain the same taste. With the rising scope of culinary arts, many hospitality appliances like- commercial hot plates, commercial deep fryers and much more has registered a rocking presence in this world.

Chef Craig Will

Born and earned his bread and butter in Tasmanian region of Australia. He spend most of his earlier years working in small bistros and eatery outlets, sharpening his cooking skills. But, his years of hard work paid off, as now he is listed in the top ten chefs of Australia. He is highly respected for his beef dish, which explosively popular at his Tasmanian Black Cow eating place, where people from all parts of the world when in Tasmania pay a stopover, to enjoy a special evening. In his dishes, he leaves a stokes of native Australian flair, which he makes him a chef, who respect his motherland.

Chef Curtis Stone

Listed fourth on the list of top ten chefs in Australia, Curtis Stone, born in the year 1975, is one of the celebrity chefs, having mastered the art of offering a range of Australian dishes, which surely pamper your taste buds with its spice, and other special ingredients. Add to that, he is also of the famous cooking books and a TV host. He is nicknamed as the “The Quiet Terminator.” by his devotees worldwide.

Chef Matt Moran

The fifth most popular chef of Australia, Matt Moran is running a number of successful restaurants around the world, offering its diners a taste of native Australian and urban flair. Some of his popular restaurants are Chiswick,  North Bondi Fish, and Opera Bar, Riverbar &room.

Chef Kylie Kwon

Listed sixth of the listed of best chefs in Australia, Kylie Kwong, born in Australia 1969, he is operating many successful restaurants, as a TV anchor, and also an author. Add to she has also learned many Chinese dishes, at her mother’s facet.

Wrapping up,

Apart from these chefs of Australia, there are many others such as the Peter Gilmore, Geoff Jansz, Brendan Speed, Cindy Sargon, to name a few. Are you planing to become a chef, then it’s best you take up a professional cooking course from a reputable university to learn the craft of cooking and preaching delectable dishes. But, before, you start with the course, do a bit of research.