Series of catering equipment and supplies required to open a crepe shop

Apart from the best beaches and those exotically designed Kaftans, Australia is renowned for letting the world have the lip-smacking crepes and pancakes. Somehow this has fastened the catering supplies and food corner business in almost every section of Australia.

There is no doubt, Australians are already in love with a wide range of crepes but now, a lot of travelers who visit Australia have fallen for this place. And do you know what the reason is? It’s food indeed.

Ultimately, this has made Australia the best choice to open up a crepe or pancake shop because here you can get to reap the maximum revenue in no time. So, if you are also thinking to start up your crepe businesses then check out all that you need to open up your own crepe shop.

  • Crepe machine- Forget to think about a successful crepe or pancake shop until you do not get a commercial crepe machine for your restaurant. This is the basic need to start up your store or corner. At present, you can find it out in different shapes, brands or qualities to fulfill all your food corner requirements. To get it at the most reasonable price, you can get to contact any catering supplier who can provide you the series of necessary commercial kitchen equipment.


  • Mixers & whiskers- Apart from the crepe maker make sure to load your kitchen with handy and reliable mixers, spatulas, measuring spoons and whiskers which may help you attain a better texture and quality of crepes or pancakes.


  • Crepe pans- There may be times when your crepe maker may stop working or you couldn’t prepare a good number of crepes. In such circumstances, you can always take help of a crepe pan which can cook delicious crepes or pancakes for you in no time. Many people mistakenly buy the ordinary pans to make their favorite crepes, but if you need it for a commercial purpose, prefer going for the specific one.


  • Brushes- Good quality brushes are required to spread an equal amount of oil or to drizzle honey on the crepes properly. Though it may not sound but brushes hold a great eminence in letting you have the best crepes.


  • Bowls- In order to mix the batter or pour it aptly in either crepe maker or pan, you need to have bowls of different sizes which can help you fasten the work in many ways.


  • Oven- There may be times when your customers may demand a chicken crepe. To make it possible, you need to bake or cook chicken and for this nothing can be better than the oven.


All these equipment have become the major necessities of running a crepe shop. With this, the business of catering supplies has increased to a great extent.

The final word-

The crepe shop is considered to be the biggest hotshot in the business world which can never go in vain. Apart from anything else, it is one such business type where you don’t have to make the large investment but yes, reaping out benefits is completely up to your skills and capabilities.

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