Aspects To Consider When Selecting Appliances For Commercial Kitchens

Select The Right Appliances For A Commercial Kitchen

Equipment meant for commercial kitchens are more expensive than those used in residential kitchens. This is largely because of the heavy-duty tasks that such appliances must perform. Unlike domestic households, restaurants and bakeries involve greater work intensity and long-running work periods.

The higher cost of commercial cooking equipment Sydney indicates many underlying aspects that may not be found in domestic kitchen varieties. When purchasing such appliances for your food business, you must be critically aware of all the vital aspects.



High Quality

The Sydney Design, construction and fit-out of food premises provides specific guidelines on the minimum quality requirements for appliances in food businesses. These guidelines must be strictly adhered to since they are crucial to the efficiency and safety within a food establishment.

One reason why commercial kitchen equipment Sydney are made of heavy-duty materials is that food businesses operate for extended periods. You will typically find equipment made of either iron or stainless steel, which can withstand heavy, continual use. At home, you might just need to prepare food early in the morning and late in the evening, which is a highly limited time-frame compared to a 12-hour or 24-hour operation time-frame in restaurants and bakeries, respectively.


Greater Volume

One of the most obvious features of commercial equipment is the higher volume capacity when compared with domestic equipment. Even appliances used by large families cannot compare to the capacity required in restaurants or bakeries.

Restaurants and bakeries don’t just prepare large quantities of food, but they also use several appliances simultaneously such as dough mixers Sydney & electric convection ovens. Hence, the food business won’t just need bigger and more spacious stoves and ovens, but also several of such appliances to handle the intensive operation schedules.



If you get startled by the power consumption of your stove, oven or fridge at home, you would be shocked by the mega power consumption of similar equipment in a commercial setup. This is due to the heavy-duty tasks that such appliances are subjected to. Therefore, these appliances must possess the highest possible efficiency; otherwise, costs of running your food business will skyrocket.

Efficiency won’t just impact the cost of food preparation, but it’s also likely to affect the speed of food preparation. Highly efficient ovens and cook tops heat up much faster and also exhibit greater efficiency in the cooking process which ensures that your food gets ready much faster.

One appliance that elaborates faster coking speed due to efficient cooking processes is the commercial combi oven. A fan within its interior distributes heat evenly throughout, hence reducing cold air bubbles. The result is the much faster preparation of the uniformly cooked meal.



Clear guidelines on safety within food businesses are provided by the Food Safety Standard 3.2.3 (Food Premises and Kitchen Equipment Supplier). Such guidelines include requirements for safety features in HKN commercial appliances. The equipment used in restaurants or bakeries must have the capacity to properly cook food, which would avert instances of food poisoning or other food-related illnesses. The commercial kitchen equipment Perth must also possess safety features to protect workers, which include finger guards and heat shields.

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