Top 5 Commercial Hand Dryers for Public Toilets

Many restaurant owners think of their customer’s convenience, thus decide to build a public toilet around their restaurant. Though it is a great medium of promoting hygiene & accessibility but slowly & steadily, it might start demanding a whopping maintenance amount from you.

To get rid of such situations, going for smarter yet useful ways is much better than spending unnecessarily. Keep a hawk eye on the expenses which can be reduced. One major expense is to keep a heap of tissue papers available to clean hands. Now, this not just creates a mess all around the toilet but also adds a lot to your expenses.

All thanks to technology, that we’ve been able to replace such unnecessary expenses with latest savvy machines like- hand dryers. Yes, go for installing a commercial hand dryer for public toilets. Undoubtedly, numerous visitors may use it regularly, so, it may be difficult for you to keep a stock of tissue papers on a daily basis.

Before moving on further, let’s see why hand dryers are preferred over tissue papers. Take a quick glance at these pointers that may help you better get an idea of why we’re in favor of hand dryers.

  • Hand dryer is reliable
  • It’s economic
  • One time investment
  • No regular expense
  • Consume minimum electricity
  • Upgrades you with the latest technology



Let’s move ahead and figure out how we’ll help you overcome such unwanted expenses. We’ve got a list of top 5 commercial hand dryers that are more than apt for public usage.

  1. Autobeam hand dryers– Considered as one of the highly preferred hand dryers among multiple brands, Autobeam hand dryer is made of heavy duty cast aluminum. Usually, this brand offers a good warranty epoch of 10 years on their every hand dryer model.
  2. JD Macdonald hand dryers– These are made up of heavy duty cast aluminum to obtain better & faster results. The best highlight of this brand is the huge fan which simultaneously removes the dirt & moisture. JD Macdonald also offers 10 years of warranty of their hand dryers.
  3. Metlam hair dryers– A sleek sheet like hand dryer that goes perfectly with the classy interiors of any toilet. As these hand dryers are used in public places, it comes with protecting brackets to avoid theft. Metlam is one such brand that produces hand dryers not just with the perspective of convenience but interior as well.
  4.  Bobrick TrimLine hand dryers– Last but not the least, Bobrick TrimLine is one name to quicker results. They offer a range of domestic and commercial hand dryers that are sleek in design consume less electricity and come with a satin finish to go perfectly with the interior of the toilet.
  5. Vandalism hand dryers– Acknowledged as one of the smartest hand dryers, Vandalism is a fully automatic dryer that has inbuilt sensors to save electricity. It comes with a warranty period of around 5 years at least.


Hope these words & reasons have convinced you to bring a hand dryer for either your domestic or commercial purposes.

Live smart!